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Saggy paras


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Ive got TiC paras, two leaf front and rear on my 88".

Everything was fine, but now the n/s has started to sag, its approx 38mm lower than the o/s.

The vehicle has not had much use, and front and rear has sagged the same amount.

I say sagged as I cant thinnk of any other reason for the leaning.

Any ideas?

Is CP still their distributor?

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have u tried swapping springs over from left to right?

cp distribute thir own springs now

i've heard there was some quality issues with some batches of TI springs nearing the end when they were being imported

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Not yet, as I said they were fine and now arent :(

If its not cpc, who do I need to contact about them? Or is it just a case of "youve been ripped off, tough"? CPC sold them to me, so in my mind they are still responsible for them, and have sold goods not suitable for what they are being sold for.

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I was very involved in the parabolics for LRs thing a few years ago and quickly came to the conclusion that a 2 leaf rear simply cannot cope with any more than a bit of use every so often....

Great for trialling but no good at all if you want to use it as a Land Rover. ie. sometimes empty, sometimes full, sometimes towing, sometimes not, etc.

You need 3 leaf rears on an 88" - preferably by British Springs Ltd.

If TIC / CPC give you the 'our springs don't sag we are the originals as per Santana' then poke him and ask him which Santana was ever fitted with 2 leaf rears??? He may struggle to answer you!

Get on the phone to CPC and ask for some rear springs that can cope with the intended use of a Land Rover


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My vehicle is used occasionally, it IS a trialler (CCV) and laner/p&p vehicle so two leaf is needed to take on the coilers.

Only one rear spring has sagged, and only one front, both on the same side and this has happened suddenley which is why Im so confussed about it.

As for CP, I agree hes hard work, but by law hes responsible, hes sold a faulty product not fit for purpose.

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