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Replacement 18ince Tyres for a P38


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Hiya Forum

Iam just about to change the present pirelli Scorpions on my 2001 p38

looking for some feedback from all out there on suitable alternatives

the usage will be 100% road and the present size is 255/55 18 i also want to keep this tyre size

I have been looking at goodyears or General UHP`s contienentals i have no interest in

any experience / suggestion would be appreciated particularly relating to wear / road noise

Cheers & Happy Trails


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If you want you could go up to 255/60x18.

This will give you a little more rubber and make the ride a bit

more comfortable.

Personally I prefer 16" wheels, but then I take my car offroad.


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Thank for the feedback G

I have a prepared series 3 (defender look-a-like) for the weekend and so the p38 is pure road

i really liked the scorpions and as there are alrerady two on the back i still may go with them

although the write-ups for the grabber´s is also really good

in the end iam in the Uk next week so will probaly go with the grabbers

but thanks for the info

happy trails


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60 profile may give you a problem with the spare - when I ran 60 profile for a while the spare wouldn't fit in the wheel tray so I kept a 55 for the spare.

I found Scorpions to be a good on road tyre but pretty naff off road - as those who went to Lovejoy's bash in Devon a year or so ago will testify :D

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Well I have priced two new scorpion S/T`s from paddocks for the front - for or a fitting next week

One of the reason i wanted to peddle the tyres on the front now was i was experiencing real problems if i drove on a truck-grooved roal

it was like running in one tram-line!

I have also just ordered a up-graded Steering damper (Bilstein) to hopefully damp down this problem

keep you posted

happy Trail & "staight"


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With a new upgraded steering damper (bilstein) & a couple of new scorpions on the front

The vehicle runs and tracks fantastic.

also had a Fearn up-graded Intercooler & chip re-tune done ...... but thats a story for another day .... totally recomend it

Happy & now straighter trails


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