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300Tdi in a TD5


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Does any body know if any one has replaced a TD5 with a 300Tdi (yes a TD5 swapped for a 300Tdi). Reason being I was talking to a chap who is a bit concerned about all the electronics that come with a TD5 and was wondering if any body has done this.

Thanks Stewart

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Making the engine work SHOULD be fairly straightforwards, a bit of a fiddle rigging up a proper throttle pedal etc but swap the Td5 R380 for a Tdi one and a bit of messing with the engine mounts and I daresay it could be done.

The problem you will almost certainly have is that all the systems on a Series 2 Discovery talk to each other on a "controller area network", this means that if the engine suddenly disappears from the conversation, everything else will probably panic (body control ECU, alarm/immobiliser, instrument panel etc etc) and you will get a dash full of warning lights. Just guessing, but I doubt sorting this out would be a straightforward job...

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anything is possible.


Td5 is fly by wire so an earlyer throttle pedal and cable may be required depending on 300tdi engine model?

Is the td5 manual or auto as the auto speaks to the td5 ecu and vice versa.

If manual the r380 bell housing may need to be changed to match 300tdi?

There is a switch on the transfer box which changes the throttle mapping on the td5 this will be egnored on the 300 tdi.

There will be other electrical glitches but nothing is impossible.

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Just to show that it is not straightforward, our local fitter of 2.8 TGV Brazilian engines eventually refused to fit them to TD5s as too much had to be changed, even the speedo! The cost of tdi parts made the conversion very expensive when attempted.

And now they have stopped making the 2.8, though there is a 3litre replacement in the pipeline, still non-electronic.

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