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Who makes the best parabolic springs


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Rather than post on the end of another thread....

Who makes the best parabolic springs??

They are to go onto a Series 3 SWB (SW)....

Have used Rocky Mountain in the past - I found them fine, other than being a bit bouncy when the LR was empty... but lately have heard a couple of bad reports...

Have heard good and bad about CPC....

British Spring Company - have never heard from anyone who has used them

Britpart - if there like their other products then probably not good!!

Any other options??

Then there is the question of what dampers to use... ;)


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I had Bearmach paras on my old 109 and they took some stick. I carried some very heavy loads including two complete 2.25D engines and a crane. They came with blue poly bushes which didn't last very long at all.

I don't have a clue who makes them though.


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I've got allmakes ones and have been very pleased with them.

The origional TI ones were the best, but I'm not sure what the current (Heystee) ones are like.

I've heard of people having problems with Bearmach, CP, British springs, rocky mountain and TI ones, so I think its a case of you pays your many and takes your choice!


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Then there is the question of what dampers to use... ;)


There is quite a long recent post by Woodey here :

http://www.lro.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3670 (sorry chaps, is that the forum that dare not speak it's name?)

on para problems, worth reading, there's also some info there on dampers.

I had ES3000s on mine, and ride was so hard it was like having no springs at all. Now I am running NOS standard dampers from Dunsfold, big improvement.

But if you go off-roading, standard probably wouldn't have enough travel, and they can overheat even in normal use, I believe, due to the increased axle travel. Having said that mine have done 8000 miles and are fine.

My paras are 8 yrs old now, came from Chris Perfect but no idea of what's good now.

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