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Stainless exhaust for hybrid wanted


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Am trying to find a company to make a stainless steel exhaust for my lightweight hybrid and am struggling to get anyone to do it. Got a pair of manifolds from a company in Lincs to check fit and then they were going to make the rest but they dont seem interested now. Got to the stage of going to throw them back at them get money back and start again. Can anyone recommend someone in the north west/manchester area that might be able to do something.

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how much ££ you got?

http://www.jpexhausts.co.uk/ do a lot of custom stuff for ktis cars and the like.

Are you sure stainless is the way to go, i'm sure there was a thread somewhere about stainless zorts cracking because they don't have the fatigue resistance (or something like that- i know it put me off the expense of a stainless exhaust anyway!)

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Looks really nice Mark, but a bit far to go. As Pugwash mentioned JPExhausts are only at Macclesfield which is not too far. Spoke to a nice chap called Rick who seems to know what things are about. Block hugger manifolds £450 ish and the rest of the system £350 ish. Am going to ring them again tomorrow to see if they can connect up to the manifolds i have already got, which solves some aggro. Thanks for the help much appreciated. Ian

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I should have thought of JP, I lived in Macclesfield for a bit, but never had call to use them :rolleyes:

No recent Jim, was done when I built the truck, about this time last year. Not quite so shiny now, the exhaust or anything else under there.

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