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Wheel Spacers

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What are your thoughts on wheel spacers? I've heard good and bad, bad being extra strain on wheel bearings and components (although this should be no worse than wide offset wheels such as modulars) and pros being increased stability and improved turning circle.

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You will get increased wheel bearing wear because of the extra leverage exerted by the load being further away, however how much by is a subject for contention.

The two people that I know that run spacers suffer continually from the nuts to the hub coming loose. That's enough to persuade me to avoid them, I'm afraid.


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Guest diesel_jim

I ran them on my Td5 110 CSW for a while (with deep dish alloys and 235/8 BFG's)...

had no probs at all. i did take the precaution of threadlocking them onto the hubs, and was a little weary when i first took it out for a spin, but soon got used to it and no wheels fell off.

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I run proper steel hubcentric ones (not the plain jobbie) which use standard size steel wheel nuts... and have never had any problems at all.

Mine came from Kenson 4x4

Personnally I wouldn't run alluminium ones (most of them use smaller wheel nuts for one), or plain fronted ones if using alloy wheels. All LR alloys also use the hub centre for location.


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I interviewed some recently Ralph, and they don't like you either... :)

So no worries there.....

Apart from the potential bearing wear, nuts coming loose, how much of a benefit are these babies in giving some turning circle back with MT's ?

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Personally I am not keen on the idea of them but if you do have them, get the correct ones because as already stated, LR alloys locate on the centre of the hub. If you get the flat ones you are putting all the weight through the studs and LR alloys are not designed for that.

Another thing that worries me is that with both my old Modulars and my new ZU alloys, the tyres (265/75x16 BFG AT's) are almost flush with the edge of the arch, with spacers they would be proud which would mean fitting extended arches to keep everything covered and prevent the side of the vehicle getting covered in muck & spray.

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