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Ali welding rods?


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Looks just like the Alutight stuff in the other thread i started

2 threads on welding in one day, popular eh

looks cheaper than the other glad i only brought 50 cm of the stuff still saved replaceing 3 radiators would cost me a lot more so saved a bob or too

might not be the same but i will still try some

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might try some to fill seems between panels, use it as a filler?

if you read my other thread was used to keep together the seem in place were the wing "clamps" round the false A post

The wing on 200tdi disco is in two parts, normally use a Door skinner tool to clamp but in this case too much distoration had occured

Could use it as a filler on body repairs, deep cuts etc, but its very runny when liquid i'll try some hozzational welding but it might just run off.

Cause could tip the car over on its side

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just seen theses on ebugger (out bid again)


has anyone used them?

or has anyone any easy methods for weldin ali body panels?


Seen it used on an old Gearbox casting with a broken mount. The old casting must of had a high Zinc content (Old Alu cast) and standard Alu or Alu magnesuim etc rods would not touch it. Durafix was advised by our weld expert and used. There would seem to no problems to date, it would seem it is a common option for non compatable Alu conditions. The Gbox was on a bench and the Durafix was used only in the horizontal position. The welder laughed when aked what it was like to apply vertically!!

Hope that helps a little? Noticed you can buy the stuff from the site in the UK for nearly the price on Eblag.

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