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June Playdays Kirton Off Road Centre

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Hi all, as entered in the diary for Saturday and Sunday June 23rd & 24th 2006..........

A brief note to let you all know that Kirton Quarry is open on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of June for play days, No need to try and sell it to you, see the gallery on the KORC Website for yourself.

hundreds and hundreds of acres of pure off roading, mud, rocks, water, woods, climbs, sand, and gravel!

Road legal and non-road legal allowed - see our rules and regulations for more detail.

Saturday is more of a "self catering" day as Sunday is still the main day.

Playdays are £30 each to play all day.

Camping is free if you play both days else £5 if you are just camping ready for a full Sunday play.

You can have use of our large BBQ if you wish.

We also have:

A burger van

Wheel Wash

Showers (should be complete, slight chance it might be July)

Hot and cold water

Fully Plumbed Loos (no porta loos)

Covered Seating eating/chating area.

Full public liability insurance etc.

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I'll be there with a big group of mates

Theres gonna be some long days this week to get the car ready though,

Nonetheless I'm really looking forward to it as it will be the first time I have ever taken the 90 offroad

Lewis :)

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Yep - three cars on the lorry, one on a car trailer and two driving up I think

Camping, beers and BBQ are all essentials B)

I think a few of our cars will be passengerless if you know anyone who isnt a t*sser and wants to come round the site for a bit

Lewis :)

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as said on korc (outofmytree) should be there both days in one way shape or form.

lawyerjohn is taking me round on the saturday hopefully once i ring him to confirm, and then i may well brave taking the disco round on the sunday but being standard right now im a bit tentative about it. not so much it having a lack of grip (although it does on road tyres) but moreover the fact it has no sill protection or any protection at all for that matter. I can see me leaving half of it in the quarry :(

certainly looking forward to seeing what's in this artic full of machines :lol:

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I had a fantastic weekend at KORC

Kirton is an incredible site with an amazingly diverse range of terrains, shame its only a poxy 800acres though :ph34r:

We transported our vehicles in style




Sadly I dont have any photos at all from the site as I was driving all day :(

There is some video footage of a lot of failed hill climbs so I'll get that uploaded asap

I did manage to snap a couple of pics when Si's wheel fell off 2miles down the road from Kirton on our way home






I wouldnt recommend Discoparts wheel spacers, or their diff guards for that matter

The wheel spacers were brand new and had been fitted with a calibrated torque wrench that morning, not good at all :angry:

Si was very lucky that the wheel fell off when it did, at around 30mph and braking for a junction, 5minutes later and it would have been on the motorway :o

All in all a fantastic weekend was had by all

Just want to say a special thanks to Roger (istruggle2gate11) and the rest of the KORC team for making us feel so welcome, and to Dan and Charlotte (Mr and Mrs dirtydiesel) for giving us the guided tour - it wouldnt have been half the day it was without that.

Also - thanks to Dan for letting me get his G-wagon stuck on some small concrete slabs :lol:

Lewis :)

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