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El Chott Rally 2007 - Do you want to go?

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Please contact me if you are interested in taking part in this rally. The car will be the one we won third place in the amateur Tuareg rally earlier this year.

Am looking for the right person to join me in the event. The level of involvement is negotiable, but you will need to make a significant financial contribution. There is also an opportunity for a mechanic to join the team.

No experience necessary, male or female; enthusiasm, energy and a willingness to learn and muck in essential. The rally is in Tunisia in October.

Looking for something different.

Contact me, fruit_af@yahoo.co.uk


The Up and Under Rally Team

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And maybe if you gave some indication of what

is people will better know if it is with their means.

£100's, £1000's, £10k's ?

Total cost will be approx £3k and £10k+(split between two) depending on how it is decided to fund and finance. Roughly £3k gets you in; two people, one car and fuel, I doubt I'd consider this except for a good mate, or playmate of the year. Then you have to consider do you want a mechanic, to have spares carried on the organisers vehicles, hotels on the way and back, drive down or fly down, tyres, what arrangement is made for vehicle recovery in the event of a total breakdown, cost of wear and tear.

Desert racing is great fun, but not cheap, the Dakar would cost in excess of £100k this could be done comfortably for £5k each.

I am not doing this as a comercial operation, but am not interested in subsidising someone else's adventure. Anyone who comes along gets a few things thrown in for free, experience and a lot of car prep money(To give you an idea it cost in the region of 20k to get to the finish line of our last event then the car needed serious work doing after it) they only pay their share of the event costs.

Hope this helps, contact me if you seriously want to discuss this.


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Thanks for the info Fruit, unfortunately a bit rich for my pocket. But hopefully gives someone else an idea of the likely costs.

I'd like to do an event like this one day as have seem what fun desert racing is having spannered on the UEA Desert Challenge a couple of times.

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I'm afraid I can't afford to join you - to committed to the Hillrallies and the Baja GB this year, but Im sure I'd not be the only one to be interested in finding out some more about your car!

You'll understand the costs then, even on the short amatuer rallies is 6-10 days racing one after the other, bit like a season in a fortnight.

Car is not as trick as many racing in the uk at comps and hill rallies. We have great rally seats and 6 point harnesses, but you only need standard seat belts. our roll cage is a whitbread cheapee, but it did take a end over roll. twin pro comp shocks all round and finally lockers front and rear. Add some nav gear a ruck of spares, bf godrich at's x6, sand plates a high lift jack and a couple of shovels and that is about it. Engine standard, standard gearbox and transmission, ashcroft half shafts and flanges, a few working and navigator led lights and an intercom. lots of strap down points, thats about it.

In the Tuareg it was more about good nav and consistent driving rather than flat out speed, I imagine the chott will be similar.


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