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Bleeding Clutch

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Just fitted a new clutch slave cylinder to the disco, tried to bleed it and couldn't get the master cylinder to do anything (no resistance and not pumping any brake fluid). So I figured that was shot too and replaced it (the truck's been laid up for a few months and the slave cylinder had blown apart).

Trouble is...the new master cylinder is behaving exactly the same :(

Hayneous manual just says open the bleed valve then slow, smooth strokes on the pedal. This seems to do bugger all... Is there some trick to it?

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It's cause you have too many blingy bits on your truck in one go Geoff :) .

Remove the pipe from the master, get someone to press the pedal and while it's down, put your manicured pinky over the hole and release the pedal. Take your finger off and repeat until you get a good squit of Dot 4 all over your syrup. Reconnect the pipe while the pedal is up and then bleed from the slave as usual. If you get a good bleed but no clutch action (ooh-err), then remove the gearbox and put the pushrod back where it's supposed to be, while we all have a laugh at your expense. :lol:

Les. :ph34r:

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