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300Tdi Injector pump throttle shaft leak


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My injector pump is leaking fuel from the throttle spindle where the cable to the pedal attaches - see pic. Its been "damp" around the spindle for months, but it now drips fuel. Not so much when the engine is running but more when its just stopped - I guess there is fuel inside it which is at high pressure.

Anyway I removed the torsion spring bit in the pic but the seal is not fitted from the outside but from the inside of the pump. So can a specialist replace the seal or not, or is it a new pump? It looks like the pump body needs to be dismantled to get at it - I'm not brave enough to attempt that.

Anyone know a specialist they can recommended in the Portsmouth /Soton area? I can feel another wallet busting episode coming on again, on top of the cylinder head costs... :angry:


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Good grief! I knew and injector pump was complex but when you see that 1st "exploded" pic... :blink:

Looking through the article, the throttle shaft on that one looks to be just a bushing rather than a seal. There also doesn't seem to be much complex stuff in the top cover.

So, do I take the pump off entirely and all that associated faff and get it rebuilt, or.. do I just leave it in and whip the top off and have a look, once its all timed and locked up???? Choices, choices, it may be quicker at this rate to finish rebuilding the series 3 b4 the 90 gets back on the road - 3 wks laid up and counting... :(

Me thinks it might be worth a trip to the scrappy and having a go whipping the cover off the pump of on an old Renault or Peugeot as a trial run..

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take the pump off sod trying to save the timing

I did and it had to be redone as the pump pulley moved once the pump was off.

there's an Electro diesel on Exeter

try calling to get an estimate.

a mate of a mate did mine for reasonable £ not someone I know personally or I'd ask him for you for an estimate.

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Found this on google:


Looks like the shaft is fitted with an O ring and this runs in the bush. So it might just be a case of taking the top off and changing the o ring...

Anyway looks like tomorrow is going to be spent phoning round :rolleyes:

Exeter is a long way from me, seem to remember passing an Electro Diesel in Reading, i'm up there tommorow anyway so i'll check.

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Well the pump is apart, throttle shaft is worn to bu&&ery, no wonder its leaks... Panda fuel injection place at Broadcut, Wallington, Fareham have all the parts on the shelf, so will pick them up 2moz. Lets hope it all works when I put it together again.. :unsure:

Les Hanson style how to do it post with pics will be on here sometime over the wknd. :D

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