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Anyone with a D2 V8 (Thor)?


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Hi, dont come here often but i need the help of you boys!

I'm putting the top end of a Thor engine into my defender.

I need to know a few things about where the hoses go etc

Could someone take a few pics for me?

I'm particulary interested in:

- Cooling hoses in gerneral.

- the 2 hoses from the end of the plenum opposite the throttle body. what are they? where do they go?

Also, if you have an Auto - Is there a kickdown cable? how does it attach to the throttle?


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Few pics for you :)

The auto is electronically controlled from the throttle pot so no kickdown cable AFAIK, you presumably either need to plumb the whole lot in as a job lot (engine and autobox ECUs talking to each other) or as I think Ashcrofts did with their Td5 Defender auto conversions, use the older hydraulic auto and add a kick down cable.




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Cheers matey, magic

Of course the D2 uses the ZF4Hp22-24 so electronic control of kick down. Ok i will fab something onto the throttle for kick down.

The 2 hoses that come off the opposite end of the throtlle plenum - i presume its the vacuum to the brakes servo & vac to ECU?

you couldnt take me 1 more pic looking down at the thermostat could you?

thanks, Paul

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