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Turbo Diesel Dump Valve

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Diesels like the 200/300Tdi, don't have a throttle, so a dump valve is useless.

Petrol engines have a throttle, which shuts when you lift your right foot to change gear. The turbo dump valve is beneficial when the throttle is shut, then opened wide again during acceleration through the gears.

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Save the money and play dump valve sounds on your stereo - that's all this guy is doing it for.

There is absolutely no point what so ever to fitting a dump valve to a diesel engine.

i always think that they sound like their "farting" in a diesel they never sound right

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dump valve? wassat then?

The thing that goes "psst" when you lift off the throttle on a turbo petrol engine.

As you lift off the throttle butterfly shuts and the pressure from the turbo builds

up in the manifold to a point where the turbo actually stalls. When you boot it again

the turbo has to spin back up to full speed. A dump valve opens the manifold to

atmosphere allowing the turbo to keep spinning.

It's basically to reduce turbo lag.

As mentioned above diesels don't have throttle butterflys so don't seal the manifold.

Dump valves are thus pointless on them.

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