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possible fuelling prob..

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I managed to dunk the 90 in a big wet deep silty mud pit last weekend, and got some silt dragged into the turbo through a slight leak in the hoses.

It was running like crud, lost a lot of power and smoking bad. When I got home I stripped the manifold/turbo/filter/hoses, cleaned them all thoroughly and replaced them.

Car now runs better than ever (I found a big chunk of the old inlet/exhaust manifold gasket was missing so thats now improved), and luckily there was only minor damage to the compressor vanes - a slight polishing and scuffing on the leading edges, no bits missing.

I'm getting heavy black smoke on accelration now though, if I apply more than 3/4 throttle. Anything below that is fine(ish), but put my foot down a to the metal and it smokes like billyo :o

Happens when turbo is spun up as well as at low revs.

Wondering if there's somewhere else I need to check for mud blockages, or if improving the inlet/exhaust gasket has changed the fueling properties (I've tweeked the pump prior) and now it's overfuelled.

Not being lazy, I will go and adjust the fueling oin a bit, but I'm concerned I may have a problem somewhere else :unsure:

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Good idea, I'll check the boost line, might have got some crud in there. All was perfect before I dunked it at high speed into the mud bath on the advanced route at LRW show (wish the marshall who said the safest way across was to "floor it" had also mentioned it was nearly four feet deep and a snorkel might be a good idea...)

- haven't done enough miles since to notice a difference in oil level, I'll have to monitor that one.


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