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Disco 2 alarm


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I have a 2000 disco 2, I have put in a split charge and a fridge in the back.

If left working the alarm sounds, not current draw as I have checked and the relay is closed.

Could it be the internal sensor sensing the air movement from the fridge or seeing the fan moving on the top.

Is this sensor adjustable or shall I just disconnect it, I suppose that will prove if its the cause.

Any help gratefully recieved.

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Try locking the vehicle with the key, it may be market dependent but I think this should disable the volumetric sensor (the one inside the vehicle that senses air pressure) so you can lock the vehicle with a dog inside etc. - it should help you narrow down the problem.

Not a known problem with D2, but on Freelanders the volumetric sensor used to cause problems on early ones with moisture getting into it and triggering false alarms so something like that could be a problem, worth checking anyway.

Finally, I am not aware of a specific function that does it, but maybe the alarm system senses a drop in battery voltage and interprets it as somebody tampering with the vehicle? To be honest, I doubt if the sensor is sensitive enough to detect air movement from a fridge, it is pressure changes that it detects e.g. a door opening or a window being smashed in. It is one reason why thumping your fist on the flimsy sides of a Defender hard top with an interior sensor usually triggers the alarm!

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Interrogate it with Testbook,this can give the cause of last 5 alarm triggers.If it is the volumetric sensor you could put tape over the sensor so it wont set the sensor off.While you are at it,you might want to remove the passenger compartment fusebox and check it for water ingress - they dont like it and tend to set off the alarm at random intervals with water in them.

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Many thanks, it has only gone off if the fridge is in the back and wired up and working, so I assume it must be the fridge, I've had other things on it and no alarm.

This is why I suspect the fridge can be seen or moves air or something.

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