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Ball joint Thread


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If you are still looking.

I have a pair of taps for this at home, as stated they are 11/16" 16tpi. Left and right handed ones, you can often get the right hand tap (it needs to be a supplier with a big parts list), the left hand one has to be specially ordered.

I bought them last year to make up my own steering bars, I currently have a set made from solid marine grade stainless.

They are available to borrow if you want to drop down to South Devon. If you want a specific bar made up send me the exact lenghts etc and I will have a word with a friend who made mine up to come up with a price. Cannot always be to precise over the O/D of the bar as mine where made up from cut down second hand boat prop shafts he had kicking around, the price of steel is a bit daft at the moment.

Send me a PM if you are interested.


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