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Can you change the Railko Bush....


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You could conceivably drill and tap a thread in the old Railko bush and using a suitable piece of tubing, large washer and bolt, knock up a bush extractor.You would need to tip the outer swivel housing complete with halfshaft off the chrome ball so that you can get at the top of the Railko bush . Failing that you would need to remove the outer swivel housing/hub assembly.To do that, disconnect the brake hoses from the line on the chassis, undo the swivel ball seal retaining plate and Railko pin via 4 bolts if a Series, or 2 bolts if a coiler and let the swivel housing tip downwards so that the bottom swivel pin and bearing clear the bearing cup in the chrome ball, and withdraw the whole front swivel/ hub/ disc or drum assembly complete with axle shaft. a trolley jack would be handy to support the weight and facilitate refitting once you have replace the bush.


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