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"Big wheels keep on turning"


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I would like to know if anyone is running those size tires on a defender with a 2" lift? Or 305/70/16? My opinion is that 295/75/16 look much better than the 285/75/16 and I dont even want to say it rubs because its only at a full FULL lock. It's not a problem at all really.

Thank you


Kingston Jamaica W.I.

Heres mine in the parking lot over this weekend gone. l would want to keep the body as you see it.

Sorry about the huge size of the pic.


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That's nice - what are the wheels - I'm guessing 8.5x16 Compomotive AT's? I was looking at getting a set of those plus BFG MT 305/70R16 but the cost of the whole package was a bit <ahem HOW much> so I am still thinking about it!

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don't know about the tyre bit, but your motor looks really cool.

are those half top doors - with the push button handles.. ?????

They look like wind up window doors with the tops cut off.

Look at the capping as it is not the same shape as LR capping?

Does look nice and as an owner of a Series 1 and a 88/90 RRC Hybred with wind up windows I like the idea :)

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Hi Bruce

I'm running cooper discoverer STTs in 315/75-16 on my 110 down here in Barbados with 2" OME lift and haven't had any problems. My arches are slightly trimmed but that was not done for these tyres and reckon you could get away without trimming just would need to be extra careful offroad...

I'm using 16x9 Mach 5 wheels with the appropriate offset.

I can email you some pics if you're interested...

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