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How things have changes


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Just reading the series 1 operators manual when I came upon this


The single fuse is located, together with a spare, under a separate cover

alongside the control box on the scuttle. It protects the horn, windscreen

wiper, fuel tank level unit and the stop lights.

A blown fuse is indicated by the failure of all the units protected by it, and

is confirmed by examination of the fuse, which can easily be withdrawn

from the spring clips in which it fits.

How simple can it get? no horn? check the fuse :D

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According to those posting on the ''LandRover Sensury Assaults'' thread, it would probably be the Series one. I wonder if their wives or girlfriends feel the same way?


I love My series IIa, don't ge me wrong, but I don't think I have actually driven it since I got my disco on the road... :blush:

The IIa is at least twice as complicated for electrics as the quoted series 1 though - there's 2 fuses! :P

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Guest diesel_jim
If you were in the desert with an electrical fault what would you sooner drive?

A series 1 or a Range Rover Sport?

If you were driving from the UK to the Sahara, which would you rather drive? :P


My shogun.... :lol::lol::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:

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Sad to say but although there were certainly many Land/RangeRover based trans Sahara expeditions that succeeded without electrical or mechanical catastophy, there were far too many that failed. Therefore,all sensual pleasures aside, if I were planning on going anyplace where my life and the welfare of my passengers depended on the vehicles reliability, I'd leave the Rovers at home and take a Nissan Patrol or Toyota LandCruiser.


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