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Unimog Disc brake Conversion


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Hi ,

Welcome to the forum mc4x4..

I had a chat with Dirtydiesel (on here) the other day about this & he converts to G-Wagen discs on 404's, Straightforward supplies also do a disc conv using RRC disc's . Not sure if portaltek do anything moggy - they are volvo c303 mainly. I think you'll find lots of info on Pirate as well , haven't been on there much myself.

Looking at it myself for the future. Did you get your axles in oz then? didn't realize 404's were imported to Australia....mind you saw plenty of army 404's in NZ when i was there a few years back.post-1339-1182322454_thumb.jpg Mmmmmm 404 mog


Steveb :P

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i'm spending quite a long time looking at the options for mog disc brakes and found the following:

1. Straight forward supplies (a uk based company who have brought quite a few new products to market for remarkably good value): Pros- cheap, uses discovery parts all round, quite quick to supply on an exchange basis. Cons: Built to a price, increases your trackwidth significantly, i'm not 100% of how their kit seals up against the labyrinth which could be an issue.

2. Dirtydiesel on here (does a lot of mog stuff and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend his work to anyone): Pros- will be very well made, uses G-wagon parts which means you can at least get wheels for it, he will do all the work for you, really quite reasonably priced and trackwidth is unaltered. Cons: You might need to send him your hubs (although check with him), no idea how complicated his conversion is so getting things fixed later if he stops doing the conversion might be hard

3. Tibus off road (a german/ US company who do a lot of 404 stuff like CTIS etc). Pros: uses brand new hubs (not remachined) and pretty sizeable rotors and calipers, retains the original PCD of the mog wheels, probably quite easy to ship from the US to you. Cons: I didn't get on with tibus when i phoned them (don't know why- just didn't like them), uses somme pretty odd parts (such as corvette calipers) which would be a little bit of a nightmare to get in the UK, not particularly resaonably priced and seemed to pluck a price out of thin air when i asked.

4. Exaxt (canadian supplier). Pros: Really really impressive looking kit, extremely well developed by the look of it and i would say very very well engineered. Probably the very best kit. Liked both of the chaps who run the place, they couldn't have been more helpful. Cons: Easily the most expensive- going to cost £2000 to get into the uk- whilst it seems likely that the price is fair for what they are supplying it's still a huge amount of cash, you have to use 16.5" rims and even then they "might" rub a tiny bit (this could limit your tyre options), they use ford F250 4x4 HD parts which i bet are nigh on impossible to find in the UK for any sensible sort of money.

5. Weps (on pirate 4x4) who only supplies machined rotors (although there is a chap on pirate who is also creating laser cust caliper mounts). Pros: Dirt cheap (really really dirt cheap), allows you to use whatever kit you want. Cons: There is A LOT of work for you to do, you have to send the hubs to the states, you may well be better off doing the whole conversion yourself.

i haven't found anyone else yet- portalteck only do 303 stuff (or kits for their own axles). of course you always haev the option of doing it yourself, which i don't think would be impossible, however for someone with my very limited engineering skills and experience (ie none) it would take me an age to get the kit designed so that everything lined up right, the parts were sourced right, etc etc (as ever it comes down to time/money, either you spent some money getting it done, or you spend some time doing it yourself- often for me the former is more profitable!)

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ive got the tibus kit and it works well, chevy one ton discs and corvette calipers. gives alot of stoping power but needs a good mater cylinder. parts arnt difficult to get( usatomotive in bedfordshire has most of it on stock). think i paid £50 to repad both axles.

if big tyres are in your trucks future ie anything bigger than 37s this is a good kit to have.

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Here's some info on the killeraxles kit (Tibus):

Firstly I would say it is very well made, I can't see that the exaxt stuff would be appreciably better, quality-wise. I understand they are splined in the factory which does the original Mog bits.

If your axles are staying under a Mog, I'd personally stay with something like this or the exaxt stuff to cope with the potential vehicle weight. Its really well made and the beefy brakes will be rated much higher than other options.

Here is some data on the other parts required to match the new hubs:

Caliper: Corvette from 69 - 82 front left Bendix nr.: R55329,

Raybestos nr. :RC8001, LCC Nr. : LS1001LF

right R55330

RC8002 LS 1001RF

Brake rotors Dodge W200 79-88 4500lb axle Raybestos nr. : Ray 7054,

Wagner nr. BD102137, ROT nr. ROT5350

Wheel studs: Chevrolet K20 4x4 front JD or JB7 brakes. Bendix nr.:

142138, Raybestos nr. RAY5012B, Dorman Nr. : DOR 610-180

Here are some pics of the fitment - there is a small amount of grinding to be done to the portal box:










As a correction to Pugwash's comments - the Tibus/killeraxles kit also comes as an 8 lug conversion, not only with the original PCD.

If you are looking to pay - go killeraxles or exaxt, if you want to fab it all yourself, pirate 4x4 / weps is a great place to start.

In case you use the Tibus / killeraxles pinion conversions, here is the seal data:

Seal size for pinion conversion: 50,8 x 68,26 x 9,52mm

KingCJ - do you have a link to that supplier? I could use some bits!

Cheers, Al. :)

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Thanks guys for all the replys.

I spoke to tibus/killer axle yesterday and they are no longer doing disc brake kits.

I also spoke to exaxt and he was a nice bloke and is sending me a quot and an instruction kit.

I realy like Dirty diesels disc conversions I saw on his gwagen build up,does anyone have any more pics of this?

I would rely like to keep the stud pattern smaller, such as 5 on 5.5 so I might have to get my own hub made.

These axles were imported to Australia as a rebuilt item. They are going under my jeep Tj. We are looking at putting 9" centrs in them so we can get the ratio down.

Once agin thakyou for you replys, keep them coming

cheers mc

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did you speak to killeraxles in the US or germany? i spoke to Tibus last week and he was definitely doin brake kits still- it's all quite strange! The exaxt kit isn't going to be cheap but looks wel made- if you come across someone who has a kit then i wouldn't mind speaking to them!

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I spoke to the guy in the states from killer/tibus, which one did you speak to and did you get a name? I still have not heard back from exaxt yet. I spoke to a machine shop yersterday about getting some new hubs made and he doesnt think it would be a problem.

keep the repys comming

cheers mc

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we are in almost exactly the same place at the moment. Mac from Exaxt is a really easy guy to deal with, but can be difficult to get hold of!

I spoke to Germany, and i "think" it was woflgang who i spoke to- he was more than happy to send out a kit to me. I just wish i had written down the price he quoted! If Astro Al says that the tibus/killeraxle kit is good then that's enough of a recommendation for me!

I have also looked at getting new hubs machined up, and my local machine shop thought it wouldn't be too expensive or difficult even CNC'd from a solid block. BUT that still leaves the issues of finding rotors and calipers that work and spending ages getting the clearances right- whilst it's more than feasible to do it, for me i don't think the cost saving in money outweighs the extra time it would take me to do it! if you do go this route i would be very interested in hearing of any tips and kit that works for you.

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I am in the process fo going around some wreckers and getting some rotars and calipers of landcruisers patrols f100 and jeeps so we can find out differnet hat depths to work out which ones will work the best. I am thinking of using f100 rotar with landcruiser calipers because I am a jeep man and all my ther wheels are a jeep pattern.

We have two sets of mog axles so it makes it a bit easier, its always easier to get more things made.

cheers Mark

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Anyone here know what type of material 404 hubs are made from and their weldability ? They appear to be SG/Nodular iron and I doubt that any engineer in Aus would sign off a disc conversion that involved welding wheel/rotor adaptors on to a cast hub, but I noticed while searching on pirate, that is one way some of the home brewed conversions are done.


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Anyone here know what type of material 404 hubs are made from and their weldability ? They appear to be SG/Nodular iron and I doubt that any engineer in Aus would sign off a disc conversion that involved welding wheel/rotor adaptors on to a cast hub, but I noticed while searching on pirate, that is one way some of the home brewed conversions are done.


I'd say they're a conventional alloy steel, they certainly weld very well.

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I'd say they're a conventional alloy steel, they certainly weld very well.

Thanks Dan, If they are steel that would be excellant. We are presently having the axle pressed out of the hub so at this stage don't know if there is sufficient thickness of material in the top hat section of the Mog hub to permit drilling and direct fitting of Toyota wheel studs. If there is enough thickness then 60 series Toyota front discs and calipers appear to be good candidates for the conversion.


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Hey everyone how did you go with the conversion I am currently trying to figure out of this is a good idea trying to use Landcruiser parts on a mog the only issue i have is the Landcruiser it rated to 3300kg and the mog is rated to 4500kg my engineer wouldn’t like it very much

i am also in Australia  

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20.06.2007 saat 16:43'te Astro_Al şunları söyledi:

Killeraxles kiti (Tibus) hakkında bilgiler:

Öncelik çok iyi yapıldığını söyleyebilirim, exaxt şeylerin daha iyi, kalite ile iyi bakın göremiyorum. Orijinal Mog bitlerini yapan fabrikada yivlendiklerini anlıyorum.

Akslarınız bir Mog altında kalıyorsa, potansiyel araç ağırlığıyla başa çıkmak için kişisel olarak böyle bir şeyle veya exaxt şeyleriyle kalacağım. Gerçekten iyi yapılmış ve etli frenler şarj edilebilir seçeneklerden çok daha yüksek puan alacak.

Yeni hub'larla eşleşmesi gereken diğer bölümlerle ilgili olanlar arasında:

Kaliper: 69-82 ön soldan Corvette Bendix no.: R55329,

Raybestos nr. : RC8001, LCC No .: LS1001LF

sağ R55330

RC8002 LS 1001RF

Fren rotorları Dodge W200 79-88 4500lb aks Raybestos nr. : Ray 7054,

Wagner nr. BD102137, ROT no. ROT5350

Tekerlek saplamaları: Chevrolet K20 4x4 ön JD veya JB7 frenler. Bendix no .:

142138, Raybestos no. RAY5012B, Dorman Nr. : DOR 610-180

İşte teçhizatın bazı resimleri - portal tercihi az gerekli öğütme var:

Sonrası 139-1182345267_thumb.jpg

Sonrası 139-1182345273_thumb.jpg

Sonrası 139-1182345277_thumb.jpg

Sonrası 139-1182345282_thumb.jpg

Sonrası 139-1182345287_thumb.jpg

Sonrası 139-1182345291_thumb.jpg

Sonrası 139-1182345297_thumb.jpg

Sonrası 139-1182345303_thumb.jpg

Sonrası 139-1182345308_thumb.jpg

Pugwash'in yorumlarına bir düzeltme olarak - Tibus / killeraxles kiti de sadece orijinal PCD ile değil, 8 pabuçlu bir dönüşüm olarak geliyor.

Ödemek için - git killeraxles veya exaxt, kullanın kendiniz fablıyor, korsan 4x4 / weps başlar için harika bir odada.

Tibus / killeraxles pinyon dönüşümlerini düzenlemek, mühür bilgileri:

Pinyon dönüşümü için conta boyutu: 50,8 x 68,26 x 9,52 mm

KingCJ - bu tedarikçiye bir bağlantınız var mı? Bazı bitler kullanırim!

Şerefe, Al. :)

Merhabalar işleminiz çok güzel harika. Bende disk e dönüşüm için uğraşıyorum ama daha ne yapacağımı bilmiyorum yardımcı olurmusunuz? Bijon aralığını kullanmak için hub'a nasıl bir işlem yaptınız hangi model diskleri kullandınız acaba yardımcı olurmusunuz lütfen. kadri@basarirbilgisayar.net mail adresim 

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