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1/2 mile/44 litres


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Early this evening off to meet up with a friend for a couple of hours

pottering N Wales's lanes I stopped at the garage to fuel up.

1/2 mile up the road noticed a drop in power away from the lights.

Changed gear, same lack of grunt....... then I had a sinking feeling..

Pulled over and suck the old snout in the filler... Yep... Unleaded.

Tankful of the damn stuff.

Phoned mate, tow home, system drained and refilled and fortunately

no ill effects, apart from an £86 dent in the wallet :angry:

SWMBO got a bargain in her Rav 4 though.

And just to ice the cake there was a remarkable lack of water on our

brief jaunt.

The "carwash" just outside Corwen was pitiful !!!

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Here comes some more ignorance!!

Being that you've put unleaded in a diesel and almost knackered it, won't there be a contamination issue if you use that fuel in an unleaded motor?? My guess is that there is enough petrol to dilute what diesel there is, but it still begs the question....

You aren't alone here!! I've done it to SWMBO's car!! I'd never had a diesel, so flew into the petrol station, whacked the green nozzle in the filler and only noticed when the cashier said "## litres of unleaded"...............D'OH!!!!!!!!!

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<snip>there was a remarkable lack of water on our

brief jaunt.

The "carwash" just outside Corwen was pitiful !!!</snip>

Where's that then Nige?

I know of one near Loggerheads not Corwen.

Since I work at Bala now and then I can feel a diversion coming on!

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