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O/T Stolen Power Tools

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Monday night saw Korc fall victim to the low life act of theiving scum.

We are currently converting 2 x 40' containers into full blown kitchens in order to provide a full canteen service.

Its very rare that we leave anything of value in any of the containers on site, but during the light nights members of Korc had been working evenings to accelerate the build of the kitchens. We had been leaving all the power tools in the lockup, but some git(s) have decided to help themselves. Yes, perhaps we should not have left them there and from now on we wont, but if you do get offered any of the following, could you please pm me, things like this travel far.

De-walt power tools, drills, saws, grinders etc - about £3000 worth.

Heavy Duty Makita Hammer Drill - Very Expensive

240v power leads


Note to theiving scum - the containers will now be empty, save the odd occasion a 19 stone bloke with 7 Dan grades waiting for you!

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There is a shock cash convertors, surprised they didnt get any details although they would have more than likely been false. Mind you they will have CCTV so there is hope, it wouldnt surprise me if they appear at Helmswell on Sunday. Do they have any markings or anything like that on them Rog.

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