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Power steering pump


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Anyone know of a more powerful replacement power steering pump than the one on my V8 serpentine ???

Bolt on would be good :rolleyes:

Cheque book waiting :ph34r:

Not sure what your V8 one is but the best I could find (and have just bought) was the ZF74 that everyone talks about. Its 120Bar max pressure and 12.5 ltrs/min max flow rate. Alfred Murray stock them and post them next day delivery with your choice of pulley!

People told me to search breakers for BMW/Merc ZF pump but when I spoke to the company that supply us with and repair P.A.S. pumps their Tech dept' said be carefull, 90% of ZF pumps use the same 2 casings and nothing that they put on cars even the german stuff has a flow rate of higher than 8ltrs/min (which could well be enough) but they arn't ZF74's they just look the same. They arnt even sure what the ZF74 is used for but dont think its a car!

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I was told - and it may even have been by Mr Murray, before off the shelf alternatives were easily available that the best option was a Jaguar pump. One which has the reservoir and filler cap built in to the pump body and has a tear-drop' kind of shape.


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