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100" build / step by step

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Maybe easier to start with a Discovery or RR chassis, rather than cut down/reweld a 110 chassis, 90/110 body panels can be used/modded as required to make them fit.

i was thinking of getting a r/r chassie and build up the running gear , then do the body work at the later stage , just really looking for any info ?

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If you're building it for road use too, then think very carefully about budgets as it will cost a great deal more than you anticipate - enough to perhaps buy a decent 90 or 110.


didnt see 4x4 is born i was 17 a couple years ago lol

might get the dvds but not really the info i would imagine i would need , and i have a 110 decent the now done alot of work to it , have a coupke grand + plus a book at work so i want a wee toy project

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