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Leaky back window

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Managed to track leak at rear to rear door window where seals seem to have gone so allowing water through. I unscrewed about 20 self tappers and removed some rather fragile looking alu strips. There was a sticky tape between alu and glass and then again between glass and door.

I ended up cleaning it all up and then wadging it in with clear silicone and fitting strips (using a couple more pieces than originally since quite fragile :ph34r: ) back with new self tappers since the old ones were horrid.

Two questions.

Firstly I hope my repair sounds reasonably proficient or have I made a blunder? Would it be worth trying to get new alu strips?

Second I would love to know if I was fixing a 16 year old original window setup or if it had been previously done/bodged before?

Anyone got any ideas?



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Aye there are more than a few leaks and I have invested in Really Useful Boxes for the back but still, when you see an obvious leak it seems to make sense to try and fix it!

I still have the really annoying one at the front when it is raining overnight. About 5 miles into my normal run I have to turn right on a roundabout and every time my right foot gets a waterfall on it. This is a doubly rude awakening since I invariably wear sandals! One day I will find that one but fear it may involve serious work on the bulkhead - where did I put that lottery ticket?

Best wishes


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for the bulkhead, look in the engine bay at both rearmost corners, on the drivers side under the brake servo at the edge of the footwell & on the passenger side under the heater unit in a similar place, water runs off the screen drip rail down the bulkhead face & onto the front wing top then through the gap between bonnet edge & wingtop, the water sits on the footwell top skin & rots them through.

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