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starting trouble


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i would be gratful for advice,i have td5 2000 model.sometimes i turn the key to start engine ,will not turn over but have a clicking noise each time i turn the key ,them after a few goes engine turns over.thanks

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ive not had much experiance with TD5's but have the same issues with my 300tdi off roader

isit when the engines quite warm or from stone cold?, the click is probley the starter solinoid or maybe the starter relay, so i would check the earth strap from the starter to the chassis, clean it up and re-fit.

if it happens when the engine is warm it could be the actuator in the starter motor. if its that then get it fixed or get a new starter .

there maybe a small spade connection on the starter, these are a common reason for starting problems when they come loose etc

if its from stone cold it could just be sticking in which case you can remove the starter and have a look at the cog and shaft to see if its corroded etc, give it a clean up with some oil, and you could put a small amount of greese on the shaft.

theres also some relays that you can check the glowplug relay and also the starter relay.

ive had the same problem twice, a while back it played up when warm and it was the actuator so i got a new starter..

and last week after off roading and going through water it started playing up when cold, i removed the starter and there was surface rust on the shaft, i cleaned it and lubbed it up and its been fine since..


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Could very well be the starter motor solenoid contacts, the typical symptoms of those failing are that you need to turn the key a few times to get the starter to work and it gradually gets worse till it doesn't go at all.

Check this post http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=12088 full details are given

or you could change the starter motor but I know what I would do! :)

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