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200 is in!!!!

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after working on the car at weekends its done, nippy as hell :)

One problem though - temperature.

It's up in the red :o

I've read about the mismatch between 200tdi sender & the TD guage but surely it shouldn't be this high. Top hose was very hot to touch after a couple of mile journey.

Getting worried to be honest.

Any recommendations?????

Appreciate any reponse.



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Use the defender sender PRC8593 to match the existing gauge, Discovery senders won't work with Defender temp gauges & give high readings.

mine was A TD it's been a Def 200Tdi for 12 years using the sender unit detailed above & existing [original] temp gauge. if the Defender sender won't screw in, you'll have to retap the thread or change the lower thermostat housing to the Defender one err1499,

a huge difference isn't there, like a reborn vehicle :D

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It's amazing, engine went in sweet as anything.

Only stumbling blocks were - air filter - now sorted. PAS reservoir - still waiting a defender pipe. Now the temperature.

Would go as far to say its better than my 300tdi Disco ever was.

Well happy.

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the temp will sit fractionally below the red if you don't swap the sender. check you haven't got an airlock as well - I jacked the front end of mine up on a hi-lift as high as I could get it with the rad filler open to try and purge any air out.

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