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My first post

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hello all, my first post on this forum, had a good look around and it seems like an excellent forum especially the tech archive, theres A LOT of very useful advice to me in there. Anyways cut along story short. I got in my 90 yesterday morning, pushed the clutch in to start up and it travelled all the way without disengaging the clutch at all. I've had a good look through the tech archive and it suggests that this will happen when a seal is damaged in the slave cylinder. I reckon I can do replace this no problems but i've read of loads of advice to change both the master and slave cylinder at the same time. Would everyone else agree?



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Welcome to LR4x4 Joe, please read the forum info [if you haven't already done so] at the top of the forum thread list, it'll help you use the forum.

it's a good move to change master & slave cylinders at the same time, be careful doing the slave not to dislodge the rod that fits inside the cylinder to move the clutch lever.

good luck with the change of parts :D

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It's an easy job to do both and the slave and master are cheap enough to do together, why tempt fate, the master will only let go in the middle of nowhere in the pouring rain :) I know ...


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coolio will order the parts tonight and hope for the best with regards to the bl**dy weather, otherwise i'll be getting wet hehe.

One more question though, gonna order the bits from paddocks, do I need the cylinder to gearbox or from gearbox http://www.paddockspares.com/sp/category/D...utch_Parts.html ? they have two listed??? I've got a 300 tdi. And also is it worth paying the extra for the lucas master cylinder?

thanks again Joe

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