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Temp Gauge not working

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Since taking out the engine to sort out the rear crank seal I have not been able to get my temp gauge working agian. I have got two sensors on the top of the thermostat housing (see photo) but I'm not sure which is which or how to test if they are working. I feel sure that there must be a loose connection somewhere but I have check all that I dissassembled and it seems to be all OK. There is an in-line fuse holder (see bottom lhs of photo) but I don't know what this is for. The 110 has air-co so I assume that one of the sensors on the thermostat relates to this. The air-co works fine.


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those 2 are for the air con system, the temp gauge runs of the sender in the lower part of the thermostat housing, it should have a green with blue tracer wire attached, [see picture of mine below with the blue spade connector at the lower left of thermostat housing] you can see it in your picture just behind the black taped wires in the picture above. if the gauge isn't working the sender is ither not connected or duff.

the 'in-line fuse' is actually a diode or resistor -- most likely for the air con system.


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