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Technicolour wiring nightmare

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I have just removed my old radio with a view to renewing with one that has the sort of mini scart that will connect to my TomTom. When I got it out I discovered a veritable nightmare of wiring within the dash cavity. There are clipped wires and soldered wires and absolutely no sense of what goes where.

In one case a red wire is soldered to a yellow wire which then goes into a bullet connector and a green and a white wire come out of it :o It makes my bodging look positively amateurish (or professional depending upon how you look at it)

At least the soldered wires are all quite well done and are neatly wrapped in insulating tape, but I am not sure where to begin. Somehow I need to recreate a schema whereby I can follow what goes where properly.

I assume my best bet is to trace back to where the wires head off out of the dash cavity and then identify the wires using the Haynes wiring manual. Once identified I should use proper bullet connectors and correct colour wire to straighten it all out. Does this make sense or should I just leave well alone?

If so, then does anyone know where I can get shortish lengths of all the relevant colour wires I will need, and also a box of assorted auto-electrical fixings?

I have a number of old PC power supply units lying around so presumably I could snaffle lengths of that wiring if the colour match is OK??



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the correct single & dual coloured wire can be obtained from vehicle wiring products the also supply connector of all types.

in the Tech Archive is a link in the 'Manuals' sub heading where you can download the appropriate workshop manual for your vehicle, best to use the LR wiring diagram to sort this mess/bodged wiring out.

the wires under the radio housing come from the fusebox below the dash/above gearbox tunnel & from the instrument pack area, only cut off the minimum or you'll be into a complete dash out main harness replacement job, [not something you want to doo [trust me, I know]

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