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MOT failure?

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Could be a number of things really, or a comination of them all. Worn UJ's, worn half shafts, worn drive flanges or a worn diff, or just be normal. Dont think ive seen a defender/disco that doesnt roll a bit when you put the hand brake as it takes up the slack. Shouldnt think it would fail a MOT, cause the handbrake does work.

Our 98 Disco thats only done 44k miles moves a bit when you apply the handbrake and come off the foot brake, not as much as my old defender tho :D

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Because the handbrake works on the transmission and not directly on the rear wheels, any slack in the transmission has to be taken up before the vehicle will hold but I have never come across a LR which does not have some kind of movement with the handbrake firmly applied.

Having said that, how much is too much is tricky to determine without actually seeing the vehicle however my vehicle is well set up with no real wear in the transmission and it still rocks, it causes those who don't know & understand transmission handbrakes a surprise but my MOT tester is more than happy with it and the brake is extremely effective.

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Rolling forwards a few inches is common and ok. The tester would stop on an incline and apply the handbrake. If it holds the vehicle it will pass. Transmission backlash is acceptable as long as the handbrake holds the vehicle and doesn't have excessive travel.


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