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Hydraulic press/ bender combo


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There was a discussion a while ago re benders and presses, I thought i would post some pics I have just fabricated. It cost about 100quid to build, including tubela formers. and the bender. works a treat, needs finishing but i pressed loads of radius arm metalistic bushes and its ok.

Excuse the welding - I was trying out a mates welder. through the darkest glass I have ever used!!!




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Nice idea - if you don't mind I'll copy it one day :)

Also nice to see somebody with a garage in a bigger mess than mine ;)

(Actually, to be honest, I tidied mine up yesterday :o It took me 4 hours, but don't tell the SWMBO or she'll say that I have to move the RRC seats out of the back bedroom! :)


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more than happy to copy it.

Thats my half a parents garage. I only open it when the parents are away, and quickly close it up when they come back!

I am just out to tidy the other one!!:) doh!

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