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Tailgate hinge pin removal question


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That's it really - is there a correct direction for knocking the pins out of the tailgate hinges on the Range Rover Classic? I have hit mine from both directions and they haven't budged a millimetre...



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Hi, I assume you mean the lower tailgate, I had the same problem.

I'd taken my rusty Crossmember off so was able to put it in the vice to have a real go at the hinges.

As you say, they were extremely tight in both directions but a bit of preseverance and a lot of WD40 and a big hammer eventually got them out.

On mine the pins were fitted from the crossmember "middle" so needed to be knocked out from the "ends" as it were.

Makes sense if you think about how the hinge pins would be fitted originally. They'd need to get at it easily to fit the pins and there's more room in the middle that at the ends.

Good luck,

Bob :-)

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Old thread but,

Just had to do mine, they are splined on one end and not the outer. Hammer them so the spline comes out, not in. One of mine was so seized in the tailgate part I had to smash it left and right to bend the lugs on the crossmember , so I could then get it out in the vice with heat.

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