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Husky winch ?


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Those with a Husky Winch

how easy is it to turn the drum when the freespool lever is operated?

my drum is quite awkward to turn, IIRC it has been like this since I got it(brand new)

I'm considering a strip/clean and rebuild but if they all do that I'll leave well alone

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Tony, I'd bet that when you pull off the end plate the bush will be full of grit and totally dry - mine was and like you the drum as really tight. I think with a setup like yours (and my old one) you're going to suffer from problems as the Southdown gaurd scoops up a lot of mud and its going to find its way into the drum support bushes. I've drilled and tapped the end plate to take a grease nipple so that whoever I sell the Husky + bits to hopefully won't suffer the same problem.

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Removed the winch to find a bit of dry crud behind the end plate/gearbox end.

the free spool is easy to operate with the drum removed.

I'll clean the bushes re grease (the first time since purchased)

and see it frees the drum up

as well as making sure the winch is re fitted square, I am using a genuine Superwinch mount

so it should help line it all up.

Jase where did you fit the grease nipple on the gearbox end?

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Well I think Andy (Moglite) deserves a thanks!

When I fitted the XP motor to the husky it was hitting the x member enough to sit the gearbox section slightly askew

now addressed with a grinder I'll clean re-grease and re fit and see how it performs

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