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Selling my roll cage


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Can anyone help... How much would this roll cage have cost new? (roughly)


It is a Protection and Performance full external cage, it was fitted to the vehicle when i bought it. Was going to sell the whole vehicle but havent had much interest (i think the price advise i got was a tad rich! :rolleyes: )

I now intend to sell off a few of the "goodies" on it, and as the long term plan was to soft top truck cab it, i thought i would sell this first!!

I ll post in the classified section once i can work out how much i should advertise for!! :lol:


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Is it just extrenal or does it have internal cross braces too? If just external I'd say less, but as Tony says try ebay as prices can go high.

What are you going to do about all those holes in your panels?? ;);)



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It is purely fully external with no internal cross braces, i think ebay may be the best option.

Not too bothered about the holes left, the car is going to be parked up for a while on SORN and left :( until i can afford to do something with it. If i keep it, then it will have a truck cab cage going on it eventually anyway B)

I am only selling because with the lift/3 link it doesnt tow trailers very well!! (Nor does my discovery which is stuck in 2nd gear with a steering box that is shot to pieces :rolleyes: )


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