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A problem previously had raised it`s ugly head again.

Coming back from the airport lastnight my D2 started to overheat and ended up on limp-home mode.

Checking things out this morning the hose on the oil cooler had split, and oil back in the cooling system, i went to get a new hose this morning and to speak to the tech-guys at the shop. Asking how this could still be happeening after i have done the head gasket only 350 miles ago and lost almost all my oil he said it could be either the cylinder lining cracked for which they can test for, or the oil cooler itself i know it has a matrix system maybe the oil is getting in through there?. Does anyone know if this is common or even heard of i`m thinking of replacing the oil cooler and i`m taking it to the workshop to have the cylinders tested once iv`e put the hose back on. All replies greatly recieved.


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