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wheel bearings plus oil


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Hi all,

Fishing for some advice, opened up afont hub on my Disco 1 to tighten up the wheel bearing. Luckily I had put a container under it as about 100mm of oil came out.

Is this normal??? Or is it just a case of a deal oil seal?

As a temporary measure I have repacked grease into the back of the inner bearings and cleaned and repacked the outer bearings.



93 Discovery1 200Tdi

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I think there is an oil seal at the inner end of each driveshaft inside the axle. These quite often leak. It comes out of the end of the stub axle on 2 out of 4 corners on my disco. Instant gasket round the hub flanges keeps my wheels clean :)


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As long as the oil seal doesn't leak the oil onto the brake disks, oil in the bearings is a good thing IMHO. They will definitely last longer. You may need to top up your swivels a bit as this oil will have come from there. My defender has oil in all its wheel bearings, or a mixture of oil and grease, and I have had no problems. At the back I deliberately destroyed the inner seals by whipping the halfshafts in and out a few times.

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