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Deep Joy

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I have had my 110 for 7 years now and in all that time I have never managed to get 30mpg out of it and its been a constant niggle.

Last weekend we had a decent long trip to Goodwood and back and we needed fuel before we went as the fuel light was permanently on. I put £60 worth in which at 103p/l is 58.25l and off we went.

We weren't in a hurry so we enjoyed the trip tootling along at about 50 or so on the A roads and 65ish on the M Ways. No speedo so I can't be certain :o

Sunday afternoon we set off back home and we still had over half a tank of fuel so the mission was on, quick mental arithmatic showed if we got home without fuel I would be well over 30mpg.

The fuel light flicked as we ascended Porlock Hill and came on again at Lynmouth Hill but we did it. Just had a quick run through our route on the RAC website and it was about 425miles.

THATS OVER 33MPG. I am well chuffed.

Will :)

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I achieved 24.9 in a SIII 88 hardtop 2-1/4 petrol on a round trip Sheffield/Maryport. Empty on the way up, loaded on the way down. I had overdrive fitted and drove to the vacuum gauge. It took an hour longer than my normal time, but driving "normally" I achieved 18 mpg on that run.

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Its amazing what you can do with a bit of thought, There was an old chap round here who ran an old Rover 3500 and he swore he could get over 40mpg on a run. There are events for economical driving IIRC, I seem to remember someone doing outrageous MPG in a V12 Jaguar XJS years ago...

Will :)

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