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Toyota 2Ct Diesel engines


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Hi Guys,

Speaking to you from "sunny South Africa" but its pouring with rain outside :blink: and snowing in some parts around here (extremely rare for us).

I need to get some advice:

I would like to build a 100" hybrid. There are a few around here and all the owners are ranting and raving over their vehicles. A previous rebuild that I did was a '57 109 pickup when I was 16 years old (with a lot of help from a friend), unfortunately I couldnt afford to run it at 6km/litre of fuel so it has been standing around and not getting much TLC. I hate to admit it but if I want a practical vehicle I should build myself a hybrid (we call them De-ranged Rovers over here).

My major problem is still the rising fuel prices and this pushes me in the direction of a diesel conversion. We get competitive 2nd hand (but running well) Japanese imports over here and I believe that a lot of people are doing conversions. Apparently the people get great consumption figures - 12km's per litre (I think thats 28 miles per galon) and the vehicle happily cruises along at 115 to 120km/hour (70 to 75mph). The other thing is that the engine costs around R3000 ( $400 to $450) and an adaptor plate costs around R1000 ($140-$145 US). The engine I am speaking of is called the 2CT engine which came out of Toyota Camry's and Corolla's (from what I hear); I belive that its a 2.0 litre turbodiesel engine. This sounds pretty small to me but the cost and consumption really pull me in! There is also a 3Ct engine that is a 2.2litre but costs a little more.

I was just wondering what you guy advise and if anyone knows of any of these conversions or about these engines.

Oh yes, the reason I want a vehicle like this is that I would like to do a pretty serious overland trip/trips (think Cape to Cairo type journey) in the next two years but would also like a vehicle that I can go and play in (and I know how well these vehicles perform off road!). I do relatively high mileage and need a relatively economical vehicle. I also go to Mozambique on Holiday a fw times a year and need a vehicle that I can use for that too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yes, how much does it cost to do a pretty standard rebuild/hybrid conversion? - I figure that a standard rangy with the conversion and good running parts (brakes, radiator, gearbox etc.) and a simple/scrounged series body should easily be built on R35000 ($5000) (if I do it myself - which is the intension).


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Welcome to the forum.

The 2CT is indeed a Camry engine 2L TD, 83 hp @ 4,500rpm fitted here between '85 and '91. It was also fitted to the Carina-E'96 to '98

The only vehicle I can find using the 3C-TE is the 2.2D Picnic/SportsVan, which gives 89hp @ 4000rpm.

Why not retrofit the International 2.8 TGV? It's built in ZA too, I believe.

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Hi DEANO3528,

Thanks for the helpful post. Did a quick search and this revealed that the International 2.8 TGV has the following specs compared to 300 TDi:

LR ‘300’ Tdi

Displacement :- 2,495 cc

Maximum power :- 111 bhp @ 4,000 rpm

Maximum governed rpm 4,000

Maximum torque :- 195 lbf ft @ 1,800 rpm

International HS 2.8L TGV (Variable Geometry Turbo)

Displacement :- 2,785 cc

Maximum power :- 135 bhp @ 3,800 rpm

Max governed rpm :- 4,000

Maximum torque :- 277 lbf ft @ 1,400 rpm

Looks pretty good, only 1 problem: It costs a sum of: R 58,500.00 excl vat. (+-$8350) (Im bargaining on a complete vehicle for R35000).

I know it doesnt sound good but $$$ makes a large difference to me. That is the advantage that I am looking for with the 2CT (cheap repair/replacement value and the economy). Theres a guy I know of that has 300TDi 90inch and the turbo disintegrated. He replace it with a 2CT and sold the TDi engine to cover costs (he even made a profit).

So I dont think this is going to be the engine for me, unfortunately as it looks like quite a performer (rather just drive V8 and fork out for gas at that price! - and have that beautiful gurgling sound!)

One things for sure about the 2.8L - theres a lot more info available than there is on the 2CT and 3CT (Thank you for your input).

Anyhow, any more information available on the 2CT or cheap alternative? Do you reckon that the 2CT will pull a derangy well? Also, in terms of mucking about on hill climbs etc (off road) do you think it will battle? Ive driven a v8 rangy and left people in Tdis for dead because they just dont provide the torque at low rpm's. Even my old 2.25 petrol series 2 engine challenges the Tdi there (not to knock the engine - Actually use one at work and its pretty enjoyable on the road).

Great site guys, not regretting this!

Im so keen to build a 'derangy' now, would be nice to set up a good site that documents the build. Planning to fit the vehicle out nicely and maybe head for Europe from ZA. (I know it sounds like a pipe dream but I've done a fair amount of shorter distance African travel and I love it!). So, maybe in the next 2 years there will be a nice 100" hybrid driving around London for a week or so :D .

Cheers, better get back to work!!!! Talking about building cars is so much more fun than work!

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