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P38 key fob remote


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Hi , I need to get a spare key fob for my 1997 P38 , is it possible to use one from a scrap/spares dealer and get a new blank cut ? , if so how do I synch the fob with my car ?

If this is possible and anyone has a spare fob from a scrapped rangie they no longer need then please let me know how much you want for it

many thanks


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You can buy a mechanical key from a Dealer, and possibly other sources, have it cut to match the remote + mechanical key you have. This is fine for occasional or emergency use, but I would point out that there is only one key operated lock on the car, and it was never designed for daily use.

You can buy a new remote from the Dealer, and ONLY the Dealer, and have him supply a new blade, cut to match your existing. This is the ONLY way to get a new functioning remote. You cannot re-code someone else's remote to match your existing remote.

There is another snag, of the four different remotes you can buy for any single car, you cannot have duplicates, so you need to decide if you have a Key 1, or a Key 2 (these being the originals). You might be able to tell by the colour, but I've been told that later replacements were not colour coded, so then you have to guess. This assumes the label on the fob has fallen off. Before it did, I engraved mine with the numbers.

Read the rest here:



Note the other keyfob related articles on that site.

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Having just sold my left kidney to acquire a second key for mine, I can confirm that the keys are no longer colour coded - I've no way of knowing whether the existing key is key 1 or key 2, so opted to pay the extra (about £9, IIRC) for a key 3 - it's mid grey, not blue, so the only identifier is the label on the back. Think I'll be scratching the number into it.

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