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New alternator won't fit?!?

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I've an 1998 300TDI and two weeks ago the alternator (AMR4249) died on me.

Fine, I thought, might as well upgrade to a 100amp and ordered an AMR4247G which is said to fit the 300TDI. And to my surprise, it won't!!

The distance between the mountings is only 68mm when it should be 80mm and there's also 4 mountings instead of 3!

Many sparepart sites says it should fit so what am I missing? Have ripped a picture from another forum to show the difference between the alternators.

Paddock, LRdirect and many other sites (and some local dealers I've spoken with on phone) lists it as a part for 300TDI. And sure, I could probably bodge together a mounting bracket. But as I sparepart I expect it to be bolt-on? My guess is that Magneti Marelli made some error in a compability-list somewhere?


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Yes you want the Discovery 300Tdi one. It should be a strait swap over.


Put another length of wire from the alternator to the starter motor terminal.

The original wire is just good enough for the 100amp one.


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As said above, Disco 100A from 300Tdi will fit Defender 300Tdi, V8 100A won't, if its from a Disco or Rangie. Most parts places who should know better usually get this wrong.... :rolleyes: 65A alternators can be swapped between Defender, Disco, RR.

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is there a 200tdi qick/easy upgrade for alt then?

I fitted a 100amp Marrelli [ex- air cond fitted 300Tdi Discovery] to my 200Tdi & upgraded the wiring sizes to starter & battery. IIRC swapped the pulley & aligned the rear body section to suit the 200Tdi's bracket.

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