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john cranfield

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As many will have noticed there's been a bit of house keeping going on with a number of forums coming under the international heading.

As the former Mod of the North America forum and severely under employed there I've now moved here to lend a hand.

Of course you lot will want to know my qualifications. I have a 109 series 3 ish on the road and a barn full of "projects" I grew up with a 1958 series 2swb that dad bought for the farm with 1700 miles on it. My finger nails have permanent traces of 80/90 DNA from my struggles to dominate various Land Rovers.

See you all around.


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I'll pop in and say hi. John knows me from the LRO mailing list. I have a 1964 RHD 88" which I haven't got on the street yet, although it runs and drives. It needs some minor things. I also have a 1966 88" which I just did a frame over on after an accident. It is a little less stock, but is my daily driver and my off-roader. It has 24 spline rears and a detroit locker, a Beaver winch when I get around to putting it back on, rock sliders, a gas tank skid plate, heavy duty reworked engine & tranny crossmembers, RM parabolics, and a VW 1.9 td engine. I also have a '87 RR, but this is the Series forum, so I won't go into it. :ph34r: Website is www.66rover.com, which I have a bit on, but should add and update a lot more than I do.

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