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Can You Tell What It Is Yet? Part Two

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Following on from Les's old post of my original picture

Original photo was this:


I was down on a friend's farm and they had said "there is a Land Rover somewhere in that bush", which I took as a challenge!

So we moved the sheep out of the way and dropped the electric fence to get a better look.

Had a bit of a hack and slash to reveal


Looked promising, so a bit more of a hack:


Time to get in there with the strop. Wrapped the strop round the axle cos the farm is by the sea, so God knows what salt air had done to the metalwork, then backed the 90 up close:


Low range 1st gear difflock, and:



Out into the open and


And drag it forward to give it a clean


Get the girl in the photo


Then make an attractive linup to finish


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Yes avon terra tyres are still avaliable, I use a similar avon tyre called treadlight on my agricultural.

It is worth checking with the previous owner to see if it was taxed as an agricultural machine?- free tax, no mot and able to use red diesel :D (for agricultural work of course :lol: )


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These vehicles don't belong to me, I was just helping recover them last weekend. The second 109 was retrieved from another bush with the telehandler but I didn't get any photos of that bit.

I will pass on all your thoughts to their owner, also your comments about his daughter. I am sure this large shotgun-wielding cattle farmer will be thrilled to bits... ;)

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I will pass on all your thoughts to their owner, also your comments about his daughter. I am sure this large shotgun-wielding cattle farmer will be thrilled to bits

if hes any thing like all the farmers i know , he will NOT refuse any sensible offer on his daughter :rolleyes::rolleyes::D

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And if you can get the paperwork an 'H' plater is going to be FREE TAX as it was registered between 1/8/69 and 31/7/70!

Best to check on that as I'm sure our wonderful government put a deadline on

claiming historic status.

So if it isn't registered for tax exemption already, then it never will be.

They're nice like that.

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Guest diesel_jim
I have the advantage over you lot, I know her name AND she's an Essex girl :D

Further info at reasonable prices :lol:


in which case..... a domino's pizza and a bottle of diamond white?


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Must give Sue a ring................. :ph34r:



I am fairly new to this high-tech world of Land Rovers, having been thoroughly baptised in fire when Mark Jenkins came to visit. It was great fun playing Land Rover rescue charity mission for the week-end and I am very much looking forward to ebaying the relevant cashable parts, with the permission of my 'large shot-gun wielding cattle farmer father' - fairly accurate description it has to be said!

More 4x4 news from the farm: having attended the Royal Norfolk agricultural show, the Discovery has had to go to 4x4 hospital after an unfortunate incident involving a HUAGE cattle lorry and its (the disco's) driver's door. )-: To cut a long story short, we drove home down the A12 with the buckled door frame baler-twined shut, this made for rather a breezy 2.5hr journey! My 'large shot-gun wielding cattle farmer father' was, let us say, not amused.... Prize money this year will not be going on Champagne (or diamond white)!

As for the Essex girl comments, I cannot deny their validity but they have reminded me to re-claim my white high heeled shoes and gold hoop earrings from my 'Daddy' who borrowed them last Friday for the week-end! I think my brother borrowed my suspenders too.....

Any advice on what to sell and how much and who wants it would be greatly appreciated (Land Rover wise, obviously) ;)


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Hi Sue welcome to the place where all the sane people hang out.... :blink:

might be interested in the terra's n wheels ..is there 2 only? ..more interested in the wheels, are they agri or 8 spokes?

If you have any pto bits on the transferbox's they are usually worth a few quid..



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