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Mates classic is cutting out


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An old school friend has just contacted me with a problem with his classic rr 3.5 vogue auto which is mint.

He said that when he his stopped at junction and then accelerates to move off the car cuts out- all the lights on the dash and engine dies. he can restart the engine straight away and hes off.

I dont know much about the flapper system, mine failed and i went to the joys of hotwire. Anyone any ideas please??

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From what you describe, it sounds like a problem I had with mine a few years back which turned out to be the fuel pump over run switch lurking at the back of the engine. You can get a temporary "fix" by shorting out the relay with a wire so that the pump runs constantly.

Apparently, it's a heat related issue as on the 3.9 engine, they moved it to a cooler part of the engine bay

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Check the wiring for the gas install then - the LPG guys tend to use a lot of scotchloks which are the spawn of satan at the best of times <_<

Or even if they don't, their soldering can leave a lot to be desired :rolleyes: The LPG conversion on my range rover is all very neat and tidy as far as the LPG pipework goes, but the wiring is...err...not quite so satisfactory. They'd even wired it to the wrong side of the coil (still worked, somehow!).

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