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Hi, First of all don't worry am not trying to nick a landy, but I've managed to snap my ignition key :unsure: and i'm in the french alps miles away. Also its the only key i've got so can't get a spare sent. Assuming the worst any ideas how to safely hot wire it??? Is this advisable? Have got till thursday to get it sorted but just want to be prepared.

Cheers peeps

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This happened to me on thursday while working away at scotch corner ,whilst arsing about we managed to snap the key off in the ignition, we used a small nail to move the stuck half to the correct position in the barrel, keeping the immobiliser part close by turned the barrel with a screw driver and after a few attempts to position it it fired,

It had broke above the "key" part though

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I know it does not sound very globe-trotter style, but why don't you ask the local mechanics? Usually, those guys know the tricks. :ph34r:

The alternative, even less glorious but probably more effective and trouble-free, is to ask the local "Gendarmes" or the "Pompiers" (fire fighthers)... They know all this stuff, guarantee.

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