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Twist off ramp


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Is the twist off ramp the same size for Billing as Manby & Eastnor :lol:

Not that i want a go on my Portal axled truck :D

Are you going to ask them to make a longer one ;) I see an old tractor (with a disco body) got to the top of one at the weekend :o

what did i hear somebody say '' you won't beat my P90 as that holds the national record''.....To$$er!

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P90 fell over twice, once into stinking water hole

only went most o the way up the twist off ramp & then shouted he held the record,

then bathtub & said tractor thingy disco both drove to the top making it look a piece of tiddle,

bathtub flipped the jeep end over

jim marsden had a technical hitch

lots of alcohal was drunk & it was an excellent weekend

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