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Gap Road


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Hi all,

I am going with disco tony to Strata Florida in August, so thanks for the info.

My question is about the Gap road.

Having driven it last year as an organised trip and had to be winched up the rock steps in my shogun sport (not quite good enough tyres) I now want to do it in my disco. A lot of confusion surrounds this bit of road as to when or if it is open.

Can anybody shed any light on this?

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Sarn Helen.

It's a long gravel track..... now.


Still a good drive though Mo, on a clear day that is ;) , also the river crossing can be fun if it's been raining :) . I do also like the fact in driving a remote roman road that hasn't changed much in places from when it was first built.

Shame LFH is out of bounds as that was a nice diversion. The UCR at the south end with the swamp corner is still ok though.



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I'll get my maps out of the 90 later and let you know the refs. Also you should go to Wayfinder, register as it's free, and download viewer app, then you'd be able to see all the lanes for the areas you want.




Thanks for that Steve, had no idea about that web-site, just one of the advantages of this forum!

Thanks again

Tony :rolleyes:

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