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Oil pressure

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Since having the engine out of the 110 I have noticed (another) annoying drip of oil from the little plastic tube on the oil pressure gauge where it bolts into the oil filtre housing. until I can get this repocaed I was wondering if I could simply take out the connection and screw a blanking bolt in instead. If this is possible does anyone (Ralph!) know the size of the bolt required? Its very small.


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Thanks. As an alternative, any ideas for a source for a new capillary-fed oil gauge, ie one of the standard LR diameter to fit the instrument pod?

gauges from Europa Spares in the left list find 'instruments' then click the makers name you want to look at.

just looking at the vdo oil pressure gauge sender unit it says 1/8nptf thread type IIRC this means 1/8 inch national pipe thread fine :D

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Thanks. Hey Ralph, what about if I went for the elec oil gauge like you've got? Where could I get one and is it hard to wire up?



I used the genuine LR gauges to do mine, [gauge diameter is standard 52mm]

oil pressure gauge prc7319

oil temperature prc7318

the transmitter & adaptor numbers are on this modified parts page [found these under the old 2.5TD engines listing]


wiring needs to be created from the transmiiters to the multiplug adjacent to the brake servo/fuel filter.

light grren/white trace from oil pressure transmitter to gauge

light green/green trace from oil temperature transmitter to gauge

any ignition contolled white to both gauge power in connection

earth to gauge retainer U clamp bolt

gauge illumination to existing instruments illumination connections.

can do photo of rear of my gauges & multiplug connections if required

hth :D

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a few more details & photo's :D

pic 1 both oil pressure (right) & oil temp (left) gauges as fitted in my 110

pic 2 multiplug connections at bulkhead (engine side)

rh blue sleeve is oil temp from transmitter

lh blue sleeve is oil pressure from transmitter

both of the upper end go into vehicle behind main instrument pack, you'll have to search for them in there. colours as in previous reply

pic 3 rear of oil pressure gauge connections

dark green from behind main instrument pack to gauge signal in from transmitter

white ignition controlled feed for gauge

black earth for gauge & illumination

red/white trace feed from existing gauge illumination

pic4 rear of oil temperature gauge connections

light green (location as above) is temp transmitter signal in to gauge

all other connections as above list (yellow is my power in to gauges)

hope that helps :i-m_so_happy:





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