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This is an exploratory question, as i am hoping that i can solve my current problem with the relevant wiring from Jules.

As people may or may not be aware, i ripped the front flexi's off my truck a week or so ago, included in that was the wiring for the ABS front sensor.

Now, if i can fix the current 'lurching' of the truck by replacing the wiring, thats fine, i think this is my current problem as all other parts have just been a replacement. I think that one side is pulsing, the other just acting normally!


It has got me thinking, what would i need, and how easy would it be to remove the ABS system - ie the pump accumalator, and the ABS ECU, and replace it all with a standard servo, master cylinder etc?

My hybrid is based on a 1990 Rangey, so what would i need, and would it be possible, yes i understand that the ABS defaults to safe which means it still works, but i am looking to the future, and considering a 'simpler' conventional system?

Is it worth the hassle, and can it be done? It might not happen if the wiring comes from Jules and it works.

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If you need bits, Martin Toole will have them.

To replace it all you need a stock master cylinder and servo and probably a bit of copper pipe & fittings to remove all the valve block gubbins. Are your calipers the same as non-ABS ones?

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Having only looked at the ABS calipers, as that is the only thing i know with the truck, i assume so, but await to be corrected?

I assume its as 'easy' as you suggest, but i know that there is a few oddities.

I know for one that the brake pedal switch(for brake lights) also activates the whole ABS system, i know from a trouble shooting scenario previously.

Also to maintain brake lights, would i need to keep the ABS ecu, due to the way the whole loom is intwined together.

Also is the pedal box and mounting going to be the same, and is the dual circuit system the same?

I also know that the rear brake flexis are different, the ABS has two flexi pipes to the axle whereas i beleive everything else is one?

Lots of unknowns, that i was hoping to discuss before taking the truck off the road and finding out that i am wasting my time trying to do it!

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About to do this job on a mates rangy, he has issues with the ABS and since he is bobtailing etc we are switching to standard Disco MC and servo. From work so (i.e. removing MC from vehicle at silverlake)

The fixing for pedals are the same, so bolt in and away you go in those terms.

The disco includes a rear pressure reducing valve.

We are going to draw out my discoveries system and then the existing ABS RR system this week and see how to do the plumbing. I have convinced him to leave the ABS sensors in as I can make him a uproccessor doofer that can tell him which wheel(s) are spinning and optionally trigger something like a difflock for the axle.

What he did know though is that you might have issues at MOT as they 'have' to test for ABS operation if it is part of the model spec which might cause issues...

Silverlake has 95% of a 200tdi engine in a disco when we were up there the other day and a gearbox or 2 hanging around, someone has stripped the FIP on it though, not much but enough to break it.

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Having to have ABS, umm, as i am now in a correctly V5'ed Hybrid, what does that have regarding brakes?

If it was a Rangey still, yes ABS is needed, but it is now just a 'Land Rover Pickup'?

How will they tell what the brakes are? And whether ABS is fitted?

Umm, minefield again?

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It would have to be a little bit cleverer than a link to the oil pressure light - the tester's sheet now has the full test procedure for the ABS printed on it - the light should come on with the ignition and stay on indefinately, or until you drive over 5 mph. It is not a simple timer relay wotsit.

When I went diseasel :blink: and had a complete Disco on the drive I contemplated the same move. I had several long chats with many people at many licencing / testing organisations and the bottom line was that you can change the ABS for another system without upsetting the SVA man. They just couldn't understand why you would want to! Obviously he had never encoutered Dark Lord Lucas!)

For a reason that now escapes me, I didn't change it and still have the ABS..... currently working, with 2 weeks to MOT time..... :unsure:

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There's nothing special about the calipers on an ABS truck - if they aren't exactly the same as a non-ABS vehicle they should still work fine. Both systems have a primary circuit that operates only on the front calipers and a secondary that operates on front and back, so I'd guess you can do all the necessary replumbing in the engine bay.

I'd fix the ABS though - I've one truck with and one without, and even with the ABS disabled the ABS brake system is significantly more confidence inspiring!

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