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Jackcaps for a Jackall?


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Just ordered a set of "Jackcaps" the polybush-material-thingys that stop your jack from rattling, from here http://www.famousfour.co.uk/foursport/hilift.php

Except that the back of the packet helpfully states "does not fit a Jackall" (would have been really useful if Famous friggin Four had bothered to put that on their website before I ordered it and shipped it 8000 miles :angry: )

The difference is that the Jackall tubular handle is several millimetres bigger than the Hi-Lift type, the rack is near enough the same so the end protector fits onto the rack but the handle clamp doesn't.

Does anybody know if you can get the same thing to fit a Jackall? Google hath failed dismally :unsure:

Otherwise I guess it is out with a Stanley knife for some "Bennification" ;)

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Stephen, just enlarge the handle hole till it's a snug fit onto your Jackall's handle, but I agree they should have mentioned it.


Yeah I could but it would look like a dogs breakfast. I think I may have just sold it to somebody else anyway :)

Anybody know of a Jackall version then? It would have to be a bit different due to the rubber grip on the Jackall handle.

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It's the Southdown one that F4 sell, though I didn't know that till I got it (we were ordering some Safari snorkels from F4 at work - one of which is for the new 110 - and I was just browsing what I could get from the website to save on freight ;) ) and the back of the packet says "does not fit Jackall" :(

At the moment I have a knackered bottom shock absorber bush jammed in between the rack and the handle to stop it rattling. And Greenpeas say that we know nothing of recycling :lol:

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